TFG Training Sessions

TFG Box-Fit (45 mins/14p): The same format as it is now, with a bit more space between pairs. Alternatively can be done as singles training.

TFG Boxing & Kickboxing Techniques (60 mins/14p): Learning/developing fighting skills, techniques and fighting combinations. Breaking down attack/counter drills, movement and footwork, Individual training, (Max 10 peeps).

TFG Boxing Tech/Heavy Bag (60 mins/14p): Max. 10 customers in session, training will involve three groups.
First group of five, on the heavy bags. One person per bag.
Second group of five, doing the same combinations as the people on the bags, but shadow boxing, with hand weights).
Third group of five, freestyle shadow boxing, no weights, “Exercise Time!” will follow after one complete round.

TFG Combo Mix (60 mins/14p): Same format as now, but on an individual basis, you will have “separated partners” during exercise (“Pad holder” in Horse Stance from a distance). The boxing/K’boxing combinations will be done by everyone, although the “gloves person” will have hand weights.

TFG Conditioning & Heavy Bag (105 mins/14p): Designed from a Professional Boxing programme, this is a Hard Hitting training session, combining Calisthenics, Cardio and Plyometric training along with Heavy Bag and Focus Pads work. A 90 minute Gut Busting session!

TFG Fitness Mix/HIIT (60 mins/14p): A Circuit Style, Calisthenics/Body Weight exercises, a complete workout of all muscle groups. Three exercises of one minute intervals, then moving to the next station.

TFG Heavy Bag Cardio (60 mins/14p): One circuit on Heavy Bags, one circuit off the bags. Individual training.

TFG Heavy Bag (60 mins/14p): Maximum 10, five on the bags, five shadow boxing.
There will be two rounds on the bags and two rounds of Shadow boxing, then you change over (Orthodox and then South Paw, counts as one round).

TFG Kickboxing Belt System (60 mins/14p): Learning Self-Defence, Block & Counter techniques/Combinations from Traditional Lau Gar Kung Fu and Lau Gar Chinese Boxing. A great way to improve your techniques/fighting skills.
Starting from White Belt through to Black Belt, with Belt Test after a specified period of training, (similar to Karate Style training). Developing your skills and knowledge in Martial Arts, learning techniques separate to the regular training classes. Skills for life, available for ALL levels.

TFG SticK & Move Pads (60 mins/14p): A new training session added to the TFG Schedule. The training will be a ‘taste’ of how a Fighter trains in one session. The training concept will be broken down into different Zones/Areas.

Shadow Boxing. This is a superb way for you to develop your combinations, storing them in the memory bank, developing your body/head movement and footwork, plus keeping your hands up.

Skipping/Jump rope. A great workout, improving your timing, coordination, cardiovascular fitness and developing rhythm.

Body Weight Exercises. Working on, Body Control, fluid movement, strength and balance, with dynamic as well as slow movements. Weights used also.

Heavy Bag. Putting all of the above together. Boxing/Kicking combinations, movement, Conditioning, stamina and endurance.

In TFG SticK & Move Pads, you won’t have a partner, you will move around in groups, from one Zone to the next, but all training will be on your own, like a fighter.

TFG Total Fit (45 mins/14p): A High Energy, Full on Cardio and Plyometric training. Based on the training of a Professional Boxer, with a combination of Running, Skipping (jump rope) and Calisthenics training.

NB – Equipment is available to hire:
If you do not have your own, a fee of 2.50€ applies, per item to the following items, per training session:

A Pair of Boxing or Bag Gloves
Focus Pads
Skipping Rope

For example if you needed a pair of gloves, plus focus pads for a training session, that would be €5.00.


I have been training at Total Fitness for years, developing kickboxing techniques and condition in tough workout sessions – and enjoyed a lot at the same time! Great international atmosphere, very motivated and friendly training partners, and of course a fantastic trainer Mr. Darren Eli pushing us to the next level in training, skills, speed and stamina!
- Vesa Yli-Pelkonen, Finland
Kickboxing is addictive and Darren makes it so much fun which is why I’m always coming back for more. I knew nothing about kickboxing when I first started and since then have passed 2 belt gradings. I hold the greatest amount of respect for Darren who has trained me at TFG in kickboxing combinations I could not even imagine that existed. Bring the right attitude with you and Darren will leave you smiling at the end of the class…he always does. Whether you’re an elite athlete or just a beginner TFG will improve your fitness, technique and mindset in ways only world champion Darren can!
-Maris, Australia



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