What is Small Group Training?

Small Group Training can be up to 6 persons, using training techniques and exercises to help improve the fitness and Well-being of the customers. Flexible training routines are used to gain maximum results for the group.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Promote high levels of fitness
  • Increase confidence and focus
  • Increase energy and flexibility
  • Relieves stress
  • Improves reflexes and co-ordination
  • Improves awareness and Self-discipline


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Working on basic movement and training exercises, with stretching, Warm up & Cool down exercises. 



TFG Let's go

Working on, Body Control, fluid movement, strength and balance, with dynamic as well as slow movements. Hand weights used also. 

Valid for 2 trainings, Private group training 


tfg fitness mix 

A Circuit Style, Calisthenics/Body Weight exercises, a complete workout of all muscle groups. One to three exercises, of one minute intervals, then moving to the next station. 

A four weeks private group, exercise plan, two times per week 



The three years I’ve been boxing at TFG have been the most rewarding, sweat filled and fun ever. In TFG I found a rare combination of high quality coaching, diversity of training sessions from boxing techniques and technical sparring to sparring and hard core fitness training, all in an open, warm and supportive community. For me boxing has become a way to keep me fit both physically and mentally, it’s a road that offers ever new challenges and possibilities for new achievements. But most importantly, it is so much fun!

When I started, I could barely do three push-ups, didn’t really know my left from my right or my jab from my cross and, for sure, didn’t for a second see myself sparring with anybody. Today, I do a lot more push-ups, have added a bunch of techniques to my jab and my cross, and look forward to the weekly sparring session as the challenge of the week. TFG, just loving it!

Salla (Finland)

I really appreciate the atmosphere that Darren has managed to create within the customers: regardless of the people’s background or skills everybody respects each other very much.

Darren is, in my point of view, a very skillful and patient instructor in terms of techniques and learning. His active participation in classes also motivates me; Darren shows, explains and participates to training sessions rather than stands apart from the “action”.

Due to his high level of experience in boxing and kick-boxing, Darren also manages to match adequate pairs at training sessions if necessary: this leads to more satisfaction from training.
And last but not least, humor is always present at TFG.

Jukka (Finland)

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