TFG Boxing

TFG Boxing is an exciting concept designed to increase your fitness levels quicker then an aerobic class.

TFG Boxing is a combination of punching techniques, designed to improve your fighting skills and increase your arson of combinations. There is real emphasis on cardiovascular work an essential part of a boxer’s training. The program is very flexible and can focus on many different elements of boxing. The program uses different body weight exercises from intermediate to advance level, pushing you to the limits.


TFG Fitness Boxing Programs:


  • TFG Boxing Techniques
    Develop and improve your boxing skills, working on technique and efficiency of punching, combined with exciting boxing combinations. Also paying attention to Blocking techniques and counter punching moves. Footwork, movement and Shadow boxing is another element, offering a dynamic side to your training.


  • TFG Boxing:¬†Focus Pads Drills
    Working on Hand-Eye co-ordination, hand combinations and movement, building up your speed and hand techniques. Again working your movement as well as adding strength and fitness training in the program.


  • TFG Strength/Conditioning & Heavy Bag
    Designed to work you hard, 45 minutes of muscle and cardio training, then gloves on, followed by 60 minutes of Heavy bag training for the rest of the session, a hard hitting and a Great workout.
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