First and foremost THANK YOU for this past year! Thanks to your very effective and professional training I have ABSOLUTELY fallen in love with boxing! It’s a new passion of mine. I’ve been loving every minute at TFG and I am always looking forward for the next session. At the start of this year I had just finished my mandatory military service. During 2019 I lost all my interest in training, I didn’t look after myself anymore and I gained so much weight when living in a ship. I was desperate to get my physical and mental wellbeing back on track! Thanks to your training-sessions I kept on being motivated to lose all that weight and in June I had lost roughly 20 kg. I am currently in the best shape of my life and I wouldn’t be it if it weren’t for your gut-busting training sessions.

Morris (Finland)

Alex (Finland)

Ganiyu (Finland)

Sanna (Finland)

Päivi (Finland)

Trish (Canada)

Henna (Finland)

Gülin (Finland)

Heini (Finland)

Having talent locked deep inside you is one thing, you still need to find someone, who can unlock your true potential. A great boxing coach will do this. That is why I choose TFG and Darren Eli as my coach.

Bianca (Finland)

I have been training at Total Fitness for years, developing kickboxing techniques and condition in tough workout sessions – and enjoyed a lot at the same time! Great international atmosphere, very motivated and friendly training partners, and of course a fantastic trainer Mr. Darren Eli pushing us to the next level in training, skills, speed and stamina!

Vesa Yli-Pelkonen (Finland)

Kickboxing is addictive and Darren makes it so much fun which is why I’m always coming back for more. I knew nothing about kickboxing when I first started and since then have passed 2 belt gradings. I hold the greatest amount of respect for Darren who has trained me at TFG in kickboxing combinations I could not even imagine that existed. Bring the right attitude with you and Darren will leave you smiling at the end of the class…he always does. Whether you’re an elite athlete or just a beginner TFG will improve your fitness, technique and mindset in ways only world champion Darren can!

Maris (Australia)

Jani (Finland)



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