What is Total Kickboxing?

Kickboxing Training is a program designed to introduce you to kickboxing techniques.

Due to modern training techniques, Kickboxing has become the ultimate workout. Kickboxing training gets you into top physical shape, toning your body by reducing body fat. It offers a good cardiovascular workout while also teaching you the art of Self-Defence. It is not surprising that taking Kickboxing classes has become one of the biggest trends in the Fitness industry.

Total Fitness Kickboxing Programs:

  • Kickbox Extreme: Total Extreme is a combination of punching and kicking techniques, with Circuit Training. Placing a real emphasis on cardiovascular training to help with weight loss and muscle tone. The program is very flexible and can focus more on punches or kicks to meet your needs. The program uses many different body weight exercises from intermediate to Advance level, pushing you to the limits.
  • Kickboxing Techniques: Develop and improve your Kickboxing skills, working on technique and efficiency of kicking and punching, combined with exciting kickboxing combinations.  Also paying attention to blocking techniques and counter attacks, technical sparring and free sparring. Footwork, Movement and Shadow boxing are other elements offering a dynamic side to your training.
  • Kickboxing Pads/Heavy Bag: Working on Hand-Leg co-ordination, kicking combinations and developing your upper and lower body movement, building up your speed and your hand-leg techniques. We also put the rounds in on the Punch Bag, working set combinations and Freestyle bag work. As well as adding strength and fitness training in the program.

Technical Sparring

Kickboxing Beginners Course

This is an eight weeks course, designed to introduce you to basic punches and kicks.  The first part of the course works on techniques and stretching, with some light exercises.  The second part of the course will then develop into a more Fitness Boxing training program and putting combinations together and a great introduction to the next level of training.

Total Fitness Belt System

TFG Belt Grades is a great way to learn and develop Kickboxing and Self-Defence skills, through the process of coloured belts as a way of monitoring progress.  Based on Lau Gar Traditional Kung-Fu and Chinese Boxing, this style is one of the eldest and most effective within the Martial Arts.  Offence, Defence, Counter-Attacking and movement along with Fighting Fitness training are elements taught in the system.


I have been training at Total Fitness for years, developing kickboxing techniques and condition in tough workout sessions – and enjoyed a lot at the same time! Great international atmosphere, very motivated and friendly training partners, and of course a fantastic trainer Mr. Darren Eli pushing us to the next level in training, skills, speed and stamina!
- Vesa Yli-Pelkonen, Finland
Kickboxing is addictive and Darren makes it so much fun which is why I’m always coming back for more. I knew nothing about kickboxing when I first started and since then have passed 2 belt gradings. I hold the greatest amount of respect for Darren who has trained me at TFG in kickboxing combinations I could not even imagine that existed. Bring the right attitude with you and Darren will leave you smiling at the end of the class…he always does. Whether you’re an elite athlete or just a beginner TFG will improve your fitness, technique and mindset in ways only world champion Darren can!
-Maris, Australia



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